Inspire managers to improve leadership skills

Danske Bank

Back in 2016 Danske Bank wanted to educate and inspire it’s managers with Yves Morieux’s six simple rules. The rules themselves aren’t solutions, but rather a set of strategies that are based on economics, game theory, and organizational sociology. These rules enable organizations to promote new behaviors and improve performance. So instead of handing out the book and hoping for the best we pitched how Danske Bank could create engagement and turn the material into a community amongst managers.

We know managers are busy people by trade, so we pitched an app that enabled the managers to utilize their commute or other situations where they had some spare time and would use it for learning or getting inspired.

The app navigates through layers, so depending on the content the amount of focus is different. The bottom layer serves as an overview and inspiration where if you tap one of the chapters the content becomes more concrete and focused upon learning, lessions and a plan is shown to the user and finally full focus is needed when reading the material.

A gentle push

We all know the feeling of starting something but not being able to finish or making it a new habit so we included a bunch of small mechanisms to gently push managers to continue learning, try out new principles and finish learning all rules.

Building a community

To create a sense of “together-ness” we created a few methods to envoke community within the app. Users can challenge each other, they can rate the content and attach comments or notes to a specific part of a lesson.

Pheew, that was a looong project. What would you like to do now?