A quick identity

What can you do on one day?

Dr. Zoltan Lantos and Hello Group was in the process of making the investor presentation thight and precise. And one of the improvements should be a new logo.


Art Direction



The Brief

The name is already set and you have 1-2 day(s). Please create a logo for the health guide Jill.

Embrace the ill

At first I thought that 75% of the word Jill spells ill was a bad idea, but all of thoose who would contact Jill in the future would be sick themselves or seek help for thier sick loved ones. So why not embrace the fact that the starting point is “ill” and from there they are on a path towards a better heatlh and happier life.

Jill programs

Jill is aiming towards having different product lines. So the logo can be combined with a script font that creates a handwritten subbrand logo.

Supporting visual elements

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