Danske Bank

Leadership principles app

Pitch me a new idea

A Lead UX, producer and I we’re giving the task to create a mobile experience to incorporate and learn all of Danske Banks managers about Boston Consulting Group’s Six Simple Rules.


Art Direction, Product Designer




Danske Bank could only set aside two hours per manger for learning and implanting the new managing principles. The book takes about 4-5 hours to complete. So we thought that converting the book into manageable chunks of reading, podcasts, videos and games would make the succesrate much higher. Users would even have the possibility to track the process and race against other managers inside the bank. The concept was packaged as a mobile experience.

Building blocks

Instead of inventing new building blocks I used some components, colours and fonts so the app would have close relations with the Danske Bank brand but still explore to evolve the brand - Just as the managers should explore and evolve themselves.

Intangible tangible visuals

The leadership principles was only represented in text so every visual ques around the different topics had to be interpreted from the supplied text.

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