Danske Bank


What is District?

District is the biggest project from Danske Bank since MobilePay. The platform collects and presents all financial data for SME companies. In the future it will utilize PSD2 so you can supply informtion from other banks as well.


UI Designer, UX Designer



Where to start?

The project has already been on the road for some time before I got to enter. So the first assignment was to find the different usage of components, align them across the product, infuse more Danske Bank CVI and at last but not least, make a component library to future use (A “GitHub” platform for Sketch).


District has always been desktop first, but while i was working on it we we’re asked to create a mobile experience. We ended up presenting two different routes. Desktop on mobile and Insight driven mobile experience. This is the concept I worked on.


Danske Bank released the news about District a few weeks ago and they are showing this to potential clients, but instead of only showing the current state of the platform i produced a visionfilm. The password is 'showme'.

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