Digital Auditor

Design thinking you say?

I was part of a 4 man team that should convince Deloitte to become a partner with Hello. We only had one week to show them our methodology on a project they have been working on interally for a few months. Result: a partnership agreement.


Product Designer



The Brief

The set-up

We had already partnered up with a small AI & Machine Learning company called This allowed us (Hello) to focus on the experience and cost optimisation of the auditing process and let to focus on machine learning. The Hello methodology is build upon a Google Venture Sprint. So we had to take them through Research, Insights, Ideation, Prototyping and Feedback. Useally Hello exstends this sprint into two weeks so the concepts and prototypes can be a bit more worked through.

Day 1 - Research

We went through a normal Deloitte-client process to find potential pain-points that we could get confirmed or elaborated with people who audit on a dialy basis.

Day 2 - Distill insights & Prioritise

After 2 x 0.5 days with interviews we found a bunch of insights that we could use in order to design a solution with a more human driven approach.

Day 3 - Ideation & Concept

After some warm-up exercises we had a bunch of workshops to generate a whole lot of ideas related to the human insights. Theese ideas were categorised and prioritised so we could begin to form a concept.

Day 4 - Building prototypes

This day were one of the more intense ones. We had to take all of the ideas and form them into “finished” concepts and build prototypes that we could test with users on the next day. We ended up with 3 prototypes: A preparation report for the customer itself. A digital annual report. An interactive presentation tool with insights for Auditors.

Day 5 - Testing & Observation

On the last day we showed our prototypes to a few test subjects and documented the reactions and feedback. The feedback is used for two things. 1. To confirm that we are on the right course. 2. Which part of the current concept can be fine-tuned even more?

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